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 Attack strategies for attacking TH8

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PostSubject: Attack strategies for attacking TH8   Attack strategies for attacking TH8 I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 25, 2014 4:49 pm

Hey guys,

The file is a work in progress, will add more bases and tactics later, but you can check it out now.
Download or view it below.

Download attack strategies for TH8


WAR what is it good for?
We want victories, stars, loot ... but firstly victory. Remember no victory, crap loot.
We need everyone to know what they are comfortable with, what they can 3, 2, 1 or no star. We want you to attack the base you can 2-3 star, depending on the situation you may have to attack way below your level to secure the stars.

If you want the loot, wait till the very end like in the last hour to attack whatever you want if we are doing really well. If we are close we may need you to get stars.

Also, I know not everyone has strong troops, but please I don’t want to see farming troops used for war if you have stronger troops. E.g 80% are just archers and barbarians, the worst you should have are wizards.

Do NOT always rely on the recommended attack base (in fact I never rely on it). Use the force to guide you, because they often send you too high. This goes back to knowing what you can 2-3 star.


Strategies for attacking TH8 BASES ONLY, if you are TH8 or TH7 you can use these strategies depending on what they have spell wise and with some troop composition modification. This is only meant to be a guide to show you different ways of attacking, and seeing what is good and bad base; you can use what you are comfy with. Some of the attack techniques require timing and awareness, but allows you to attack something hard with crappier troops.

At TH8 you can have 200 troops and 3 spells

The troops I love:
Dragons: at level 3 they are pretty beasty, at level 2 you can take out bases with weaker air defences and archer towers

They are susceptible to AD and black bombs, so using them on TH9 are not a good idea if they have 4 AD’s especially if they are levelled.

Hogs: aren’t really any good until at least level 3, crush most at level 4, crush everything at level 5

They are susceptible to giant bombs and CC troops especially wizards who eat them alive

I don’t have really strong dragons and hogs Jay, what do I do?
Mix your troops, the punishers will be wizards, but they will need giants to tank, chuck in some archers/barbs to attract the defences.

My favourite compositions:
The ALL DRAGON attack – 10 Dragons, spells include a mix of heals and rages or 3 lightning depending on situation, but the heals must be at least level 4 [note this technique is the dump and pray technique, it doesn’t require much skill but requires heavily on picking the right base and attack angle, or it’s dragon bbq]
The HOG attack – 28+ hogs, some dragons, wiz and archers in the mix, 3 heal spells (the only option)
The mixed HOG and DRAGON attack (hog heavy) – 28 hogs, 2 dragons, 3 wizards, 8 archers (1 giant can be included by sacrificing other units)
The mixed HOG and DRAGON attack (dragon heavy) – 16 hogs, 5 dragons, 3 wizards, 8 archers  (1 giant can be included by sacrificing other units) [why the giant, I’ll explain later]

Let’s look at some bases and discuss them.
Attack strategies for attacking TH8 F1099b_a0529bdaaf574599919a75f527529f19.jpg_srz_p_598_392_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

The main weakness of this base is the CC is very easy to lure. When I did not have good hogs, and weak dragons (lvl 1 and 2) I used this technique, but it requires precision and timing (so this is a more ADVANCED technique).

Lure the CC troops using the elixir pump from the red arrow, using a couple archers or a giant. Then I would place a single archer to attack the laboratory from the green arrow (I chose that building because it’s safely out of the range of any defence and allows me to kill 2 birds with one stone). This is the tricky part using the technique I’m about to describe requires a lot of timing. Depending on where the CC troops are from the initial attack from the red arrow direction, I will place the archer in a position where if I drew a line between the CC troops and archers it passes through the Air Defence. Then as the bulk passes through or is about to pass through, I will drop 3 lightning over the AD real quick, ZAP ZAP ZAP all dead. Remember there is a delay before the lightning hits, so if you drop it when the troops are over the AD, you may miss; drop the lightning as they are about to walk over the AD. Then drop some CC hogs to take out the AD in the black circle, maybe back them up with some of your own in case something goes wrong, but generally lvl 5 hogs from me or fish will kill the defence around there (yes the spring trap). Then drop dragons where the red dots are. Now some people drop them in a clump, I like to spread them out as they tend to converge towards the centre, where the TH is. If you clump them they tend to spread out away from the TH. I tend to get 3 if not at least 2 stars attacking these bases with this strategy.  

Attack strategies for attacking TH8 F1099b_490d2fd3709a469e80c73a4c231489c0.jpg_srz_p_598_387_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

This attack is a modification of the above. I will use the mixed dragon and hog attack, heavy on the dragons. This will work when you have hogs that are level 1-2, even better if they are stronger.

Lure the CC troop using giants or archers, whatever, the placement should be on a line that gets the CC troop to pass through the AD, ZAP ZAP ZAP dead. Oh it’s a dragon and the lightning wasn’t that effective. That’s ok don’t get flustered, that AD is dead so it’s safe to drop your dragons from that direction to take care of the enemy CC dragon. Meanwhile drop CC hogs from one of the blue arrows and drop 8-16 of your own hogs from the other blue arrow. Some got killed by the bomb, so back them up with your own hogs. So adjust to the situation, that’s why you have 16 hogs. 3 stars in the bag.

Attack strategies for attacking TH8 F1099b_782498169e6d4bbd9a9fa235c4e9a2b4.jpg_srz_p_598_391_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

Before attacking always check for blind spots where defences can't reach you, best is a building, but sometimes you have to drag them to a corner. This is actually a difficult base, the ADs are quite high levelled and centrally placed. An all dragon attack MAY work, but I think it would more likely fail, even with level 3 dragons. I would use a hog heavy attack on this with dragons to cleanup.

As always deal with the CC troops first, then pick a place where to dump the hogs. I would attack from where that CC is because there are no large gaps and less likely to have big bombs. The wizard towers which love hogs and bombs are quite under levelled so even level 2 hogs could probably take this base with good heal placement. Now when you drop hogs, drop them ALL in the one spot, so spam that finger. Hogs work best as a giant pack, and they tend to split off into two packs over the duration of the attack. If you drop multiple packs, they split all over the place and you won't know where to drop those heals. When use healing spells, you must predict where they are going and drop it in front of them. If you drop it on top of them, you will miss them for the majority of the heal. Also DO NOT use rage spells on hogs, it's a waste because they move to fast to get any benefit out of the rage. And no jump spells please ... lol.

Attack strategies for attacking TH8 F1099b_0a62d3e34e474f10aa367bf0d5831420.jpg_srz_p_598_396_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

This base hates hogs, it hates them so much that it will make you cry if you use hogs. The hogs will run in a big circle. You probably could still beat it with level 5 hogs.

Attack strategies for attacking TH8 F1099b_a395fed7197844cfaca727f5106aa8b7.jpg_srz_p_598_391_75_22_0.50_1.20_0

Remember level 4/5 hogs will destroy any TH8 bases. This base is pretty well defended, and if you don't have level 4/5 hogs, level 3 dragons is the next best things for this base. I'd attack from the direction of the arrow, but spread the dragons from the DE storage to the elixir pump (between the builders hut and barracks). Drop 5 first to clear the path and they may spread out, then you drop the remaining so between the laboratory and spell factory, this ensures they head to the middle in the freshly cleared path. A combination of heals and rages need to be used. This attack will still be very much based on luck, it's definitely not 100% and it can go really bad or well. I'd say watch Hotsauce, he does dragon attacks alot, watch his placement. However, he has 11 dragons, and 4 spells, of which the heals are level 5.
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Attack strategies for attacking TH8
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