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 Forum Rules **Read**

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Forum Rules **Read** Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules **Read**   Forum Rules **Read** I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 02, 2014 7:08 pm

Forum Rules:

  We encourage open and friendly discussion of Supercell games. Mods and Staff have final decisions on all matters, and are here to make sure that the Weekend Wariorz Community remains a friendly, fun place appropriate for players of all backgrounds, ages and groups. We reserve the right to modify or amend these rules at any time, and enforce them as we see fit. It is the forum member's responsibility to stay up to date on forum rules. Users who violate forum rules will be banned and offending content will be removed at any time, without warning. The length of the ban will be based on the severity and/or frequency of the violation.

Here are a set of basic rules for the forums. All members should read these before they begin posting:

1. We will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks, harassment, name & shame, or purposeless inflammatory posts. The moderators and admins decision is final in these matters. Any abuse towards our staff, moderators and/or admins in any form will not be tolerated.

2. We will not tolerate inappropriate, sexual, vulgar, discriminatory or offensive language of any sort. This is a family friendly forum. Moderators and admins have a final say in what is and isn't inappropriate.

3. Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed. Also, please refrain from posting spam, like nonsense.

4. Multiple or repeated posting of the same thread or topic is not allowed, as is repeated "bumping" of your thread. If your thread or reply has been trashed, or closed, it doesn't mean that you should post the same thread again.

5. We do not remove posts or accounts on request.

6. Only report posts that you are sure violate forum rules or contain questionable content. Do not spam or overuse the report tool (what constitutes spam/overuse is up to interpretation of mods/SC employees) as this distracts from the productivity of our mods and employees and can result in a ban.

7. We do not monitor private messages, but we do investigate all allegations of PM abuse. Forum rules apply to private messages as well.

8. Always read stickies before posting. Always post in the proper sub forums. Not doing so can result in your post being trashed, moved or closed.

9. Moderators may ban forum members without prior notice if they detect toxic behaviour.

Below are some links to the Supercell Community!

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the Privacy Policy, TOS and Parent's Guide of Supercell:

   Terms of Service: http://www.supercell.net/terms-of-service
   Privacy Policy: http://www.supercell.net/privacy-policy
   Parent's Guide: http://www.supercell.net/parents

Thank you for taking the time to read!
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Forum Rules **Read**
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